Insane Pet Laws from Around the World

Insane Pet Laws

  1. US & Canada
    1. Alaska
      • It is illegal to tie a dog to the roof of your car. Probably for the best!
    2. Arkansas
      • After 6pm, dogs in little Rock are banned from barking. Less woof and more shh!
    3. California
      • If you’re unlucky enough to lose your pet bird in Berkley, law stipulates you can’t whistle to attract it back before 7am.
    4. Connecticut
      • In Connecticut, dogs with tattoos must be reported to authorities. Surprisingly, tattoos are used to make dogs more identifiable, in case they get lost.
    5. Connecticut
      • It is against the law to educate a dog in Hartford.
    6. Florida
      • Better keep your best goldfish impression under wraps in Miami; it’s illegal to imitate an animal there!
    7. Georgia
      • In Georgia, goldfish may not be given away as a prize to bingo players.
    8. Idaho
      • Locked out of your house in Wallace? Well, you can’t seek refuge in a dog kennel – illegal for a person to sleep in one.
    9. Illinois
      • If you’re ever in Illinois, make sure you don’t give whiskey or e lighted cigar to a dog – it’s illegal. Besides generally being a very bad idea.
    10. Illinois
      • No matter how big a Verdi fan your French Poodle may be, you’re not allowed to take it to the opera in Chicago.
    11. Indiana
      • Black cats of French Lick Springs must wear bells on Friday the 13th. Spooky!
    12. Maryland
      • Should you have a pet lion in Baltimore, it’s illegal to take it to the cinema.
    13. Michigan
      • Reed City animal lovers must choose between owning cats or birds as they are not allowed both.
    14. Minnesota
      • Somewhat unfairly, cats are not allowed to chase dogs up telephone poles in Minnesota. The reverse, however, is fine!
    15. Minnesota
      • In Duluth, it is illegal for cats to sleep in a bakery. Not to mention, more hygienic!
    16. North Carolina
      • In the town of Barber, cats and dogs are forbidden from fighting. There goes the old adage!
    17. Ohio
      • Police officers in Paulding County can bite a dog to calm them down.
    18. Ohio
      • Laws in Ohio forbid you from getting a fish drunk.
    19. Oklahoma
      • People in Oklahoma are forbidden from pulling ugly faces at dogs and could face a fine or even prison if they do.
    20. Oklahoma
      • Dogs aren’t allowed to congregate in groups of 3 or more on private property unless they have a signed permit from the mayor.
    21. Wyoming
      • Between January and April, it is illegal to photograph rabbi, unless you have an official permit. Say cheese, but only from May!
  2.  Europe
    1. France
      • Owners of pigs in France are forbidden from calling it Napoleon, out of respect for Napoleon Bonaparte.
    2. Hungary
      • Since a law passed in 2001, cats in Lorinc can only be taken on the street if they are on a lead.
    3. Iceland
      • For many years’ dogs were banned from the city limits of Reykjavik offer poo-scooping laws failed to work.
    4. Italy
      • Dog owners in Turin are legally required to walk their pets at least 3 times a day or risk a fine. Quite who’s counting is anyone’s guess!
    5. Italy
      • In 2005, goldfish bowls were banned from Rome after keeping goldfish as pets was declared cruel.
    6. Italy
      • Pets in Reggio Emilia won’t go hungry as laws say that if a pet shores a meal it must be given equal portions. Otherwise, the owner could be fined.
    7. Norway
      • Only male cats and dogs can be neutered in Norway, the females of the species ore spared by law
    8. Sweden
      • It is the law that dogs attending a day-care centre must be able to see out of a sunny window.
    9. Switzerland
      • Pets in Switzerland will never get lonely as the law says they must have a companion.
    10. Switzerland
      • People must pass written and verbal tests before they are allowed to own a dog in Switzerland.
    11. United Kingdom
      • It is against the law to let your pet mate with a pet from the royal house.
    12. United Kingdom
      • It is illegal for a cob in the City of London to carry rabid dogs. Sorry guys, you’ve got walk!
    13. United Kingdom
      • If asked not to by a police officer, no person on the Lancashire coast can incite a dog to bark.
  3. Australia and Asia
    1. Australia
      • Australians ore forbidden from driving a dog or goat attached to a vehicle in a public place.
    2. Australia
      • You are only allowed to name an animal in Australia if you intend to keep it as a pet, not if you plan to eat it.
    3. China
      • In 2006, Beijing officials enforced a 1 dog per household policy and stipulated that dogs had 5 be under 14 inches tall.
    4. Japan
      • Japanese officials introduced a curfew for the public display of cots, making it illegal after 8 pm.
    5. New Zealand
      • In Longbern, a cat is forbidden from leaving the house unless it has three bells around its neck.
    6. Saudi Arabia
      • Men are prevented by law from walking dogs.
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