Admission Procedures and Ticket Management In An Event

Admission procedures are a part of the crowd management plan that all event managers develop with the police and security personnel. The key things to consider are:

  • The number of people at the venue (the event audience, staff and contractors)
  • The likely behaviour of spectators (especially for events with a history of crowd behaviour problems)
  • The timing of the event, including session times and peak periods
  • The layout of the venue and other facilities
  • The legal requirements and general guidelines

Standard Guidelines for Admission Procedures are:

  • Estimate the level of attendance for the event
  • Ensure barricading is in place and venue is manned by trained security personnel and crowd controllers
  • Estimate the number of people using public corridors, specific entrances and seating
  • Estimate the number of ushers and service and security personnel needed for crowd management
  • Identify the areas that need to remain restricted
  • Develop an identification process for restricted access by specific staff
  • Identify particular hazards (example, scaffolding and temporary structures)
  • Establish the means of communication for all staff working on the site
  • Establish a chain of command for incident reporting
  • Identify safety needs of specific groups of people, such as children, people with disabilities
  • Develop an evacuation plan and initiate training and drills for the staff.

Ticket Management

The process of pricing and distribution of ticket is generally undertaken by the marketing team. However, as an effective Production Coordinator for an event which has an audience which is to be admitted on production of a ticket or a pass, the core ticket coordination team can be formed which will liaise with and advise the team which is coordinating admission to the event at the venue for any last minute changes / adjustments. For this the personnel involved in ticket coordination should do the following:

  • Be aware about the venue capacity under various categories i.e. sealable tickets and those which have been distributed to donors/ special invites / VIP & sponsors.
  • To closely monitor, especially on the E-day, actual ticket sale under all categories and advise venue coordinator on how to coordinate in case some areas at the venue are overcrowded and other are not so full
  • It is important to monitor inter zone crossing
  • Irrespective of the event timing, ticket coordinator team should be present in case the admission coordinator need to check any point relating to admission or sale of tickets during the event
  • In case the event is not fully sold proper ticket coordination is also required for sale of tickets at the venue itself.
  • This will also entail that if there are multiple distribution ticketing points, then the cut-off time of sale of tickets at such venue be made available for an orderly sale of such leftover tickets, under various categories, at the venue.

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