How to Choose a Prepaid Service?

Prepaid Services

Prepaid services have boomed in the past few years, with a growing number of customers signing up all over the globe. As more people take up the prepaid option, more phone companies are joining the fray and introducing more services into the mobile phone market. And as more services are being introduced, consumers find it increasingly difficult to select a plan, let alone distinguish one service from another.

Are You Sure You Want Prepaid?

For students, temporary visitors, and people with bad credit, prepaid may be the only way to get a mobile phone service. For many others, prepaid is just one of the options. So before going on prepaid, ask yourself whether you want prepaid in the first place.

  • Prepaid bundles usually come with mediocre phones. If you want a service with a snazzy phone, you are looking at the wrong place. If you want a great-looking phone, you must purchase it outright or go on a post-paid contract.
  • You get the best deals always with post-paid. For instance, you won’t get Yes Time, the 20 -minute Optus-to-Optus free calls, with prepaid. (Having said that, things are improving on the prepaid front, with more carriers offering cheaper call rates and free time.)
  • Most prepaid phones are locked. So if you want to swap your phone with your friend’s phone, you are out of luck — unless both of you are with the same carrier.
  • You have to look after your prepaid credit — a great source of inconvenience, especially for people who use mobile phones only for emergencies.

Despite these drawbacks, prepaid is your best bet to keep costs under control. Such control of costs is important if you are purchasing a phone for someone. It is also structured to make you spend less. Most users tend to hang on to the credit as long as possible.

Capped plans are now available for prepaid. Business customers or high users who want prepaid but don’t want to recharge too often can opt for capped plans.

Another advantage of prepaid is you can switch carriers without paying hefty cancellation fees. In most cases, the unlocking fee for prepaid is only a fraction of the cancellation fee for post-paid. Also, most carriers will unlock your phone without charging you a fee provided you have recharged to a predetermined amount.

One more plus: Prepaid is easier to obtain. No checks on your credit file. You just need photo identification.

Certainly, after knowing all this, it might have become quite easy for you to get the prepaid services for you. For more details you can easily get in touch with the expert staff of BT Telecom Company as the professionals take good care of your concern and give you the most appropriate suggestion and solution both. All you need to do is to call at BT contact number and get connected with the customer service department and just leave rest on them to handle and manage.

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