Top 5 Soothing Activities in India That Will Relax Your Body

We all are always trying to find a soothing sanctuary for ourselves. The crowded and chaotic niches in India may give it a frantic feel but that is in contrast to the reality. Here is a list of the five most soothing activities in India.



Photo by The Yoga People, CC BY-SA 2.0

The resonating sound of OM in yoga is used to help the mind concentrate and soothe the frayed nerves. The whole concept of yoga is to make a person conscious of their body, with that consciousness, they are supposed to become one with everyone. The practice of yoga has been a part of the country for a long time. Yoga has changed over time. Today the practice of vipassana is a type of meditation that relieves tension and focuses on living in the present. There are many centers all over India that have ten-day meditation camps. There are many other camps like the YES camp for the youth that inculcates the value of positivity in them. Anyone keen on practicing yoga can go to one of these many camps. Best places for yoga practices is Rishikesh, to know more Check:



Ayurvedic spa, Photo by Adams Homestay Cochin, CC BY 2.0

India is acclaimed for its Ayurvedic massages. The health benefit of the spa is numerous. The spa is said to help the body relax mentally and physically. There are many health benefits from an ayurvedic massage as well. The various oil massages are supposed to be the best distressed. A good head massage with warm oil can cure headaches and help one unwind.

Music and Dance


Dandiya, Photo by Biswasmegha.bis, CC BY-SA 4.0

The notes of Tansen is said to have brought down rains. The practice and tradition of singing and dancing may have started from the temples but it has now spread to all parts of the country. Indian classical music and dance are emotive and expressive. The lyrically moving performances act like mood alleviators. There are some moments in life that are so perfect that their memory is forever engrained in the heart. These moments can range from a particularly joyous occasion to a heart touching performance. Indian classical has the power to do the same and much more.



The Taj Lake Palace, Photo by Dennis Jarvis, CC BY-SA 2.0

India has one of the most enamoring lakes. Cruising along the lakes and rivers in the country surrounded by the panoramic shoreline is a delight to the mind. The clear waters reflect the azure sky above. The Dal lake in Kashmir, Backwaters of Kerela, Chilka lake are one of the many crystal creeks in the nation. It is said that the lull of the ocean is supposed to help you relax. What better way to soothe your nerves other than navigating the meandering coastline of India. To explore Kerala to its fullest, Read:



South indian food on bnana leaf, Photo by yashima, CC BY-SA 2.0

The last one may sound really funny but good food is paradise in your stomach. The mind can not stay calm on an empty stomach. The practice of making food in itself is an anecdote to stress. I always remember the best days of my childhood would be the days I would help my grandmother make halwa. The process in itself would be a treat for me. Those would-be days when I would come back home with a sulky face and my grandmother would reverse that frown with an invitation inside the kitchen. Even now, a lot of times, my dose of happiness take the form of ‘gajar ka halwa‘.

These activities will give us a break from the tumultuous lifestyle that we are leading. These activities will not only soothe your body but also mind.

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