SEOMAN Explains Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

  1. What is SEO? I’m totally confused.
  2. Don’t worry! I’ll explain what it is and why it is important
  3. The first thing we do is figuring out people’s interest
  4. How could you know that what people will type in search engines?
  5. Simple there are databases that hold this info and we’ve got access to them
  6. but, isn’t that data protected?
  7. Don’t worry! We don’t know who the people are, but what they searched for.
  8. Now we look for common search terms that lots of people are looking for. It helps to send more traffic to your site.
  9. Great!! So that’s job done?
  10. No the next thing we do is check the strength of that sites that already rank for these phrases. If these sites are well established, it might be hard to rank above them.
  11. Armed with the words and phrases we want to rank for we build web pages that use them.
  12. Oh yeah I know! Adding the words into the meta keywords tag you mean?
  13. No no it’s much more involved than that and anyway, google ignores the meta keywords tag because it’s been badly abused
  14. So what do you do?
  15. We make sure the important parts of the page use the keywords we want to rank
  16. And that’s it. My page will be #1 in Google?
  17. No it’s not that simple. How would google decide which page to put #1 and which page to put at #10?
  18. I don’t know how do they decide?
  19. Well there are such things like how old the site is and how any pages are there and more importantly the links
  20. The sites I link to you mean?
  21. No the sites who link to you! Because google reckons if a site linked to you it likes you, and means your site is important
  22. A bit like recommendation?
  23. A more like recommendation
  24. Have you understood what SEO is?
  25. Use words people search for, put them in important places on my pages and get links that show google my pages are important?
  26. Ya, you got it!
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