Top 5 Surprisingly Unusual Places to Visit in India

India has a very varied and vast topography which is full of paradoxes. While there are deserts in the west there are cities that experience floods every year in the east. There are snowcapped mountain ranges in the North, water devoid hills in the west and plains and plateaus in the south. While there are barren lands on one end, there are fertile Indo-Gangetic plains stretching from north to east. Viewing these paradoxes at once is not easy, and hence, to enable you to capture this beauty, we have curated a list of places from where you can behold this paradoxical allure in your eyes.

Magnetic Hill, Ladakh


Located at thirty kilometers from Leh is the Magnetic Hill. Upon reaching this place, vehicles get pulled uphill, a rare phenomenon, which attracts thousands of tourists to visit Ladakh every year. This gravity defying event has caused the villagers to believe that this road is a gateway to heaven and only those who are worthy enough can pass through it, rest all, no matter how hard they try, won’t make it through. But this is obviously, not true! It’s all just an optical illusion which makes us see a hill that’s sloping downwards as sloping upwards. However, due to absence of horizon on this road, you are likely to get trapped by this illusion even if you know the truth!

Living Root Bridges, Cherrapunji


Villagers have made bridges out of secondary roots of rubber trees and banyan figs in Cherrapunji. These roots are made to grow through trunks of betel trees placed by people across the many lakes and rivers in the area. Over time, these roots grow through the trunks, reach the other side and attach themselves. In a process that could take up to 15 years, these bridges could last up to several hundred years provided that the trees are healthy. As these bridges are naturally grown, they automatically strengthen and reinvigorate themselves and keep getting thicker.

Loktak Lake, Manipur


This lake is highly popular place in Manipur for the floating islands on it, called ‘Phumdis’. One of the largest freshwater lakes in India, it contains heterogenous mass of land composing of soil, organic matter and vegetation which keeps floating on it. On one hand, the lake is like a spectacle like no other and on the other, it is a lifeline for people residing nearby. It is a very critical source of water required for the purposes of drinking, irrigation and generation of electricity. Floating on the Southern side of the lake is the Keibul Lamjao National Park which is the only floating national park in the world!

Roopkund, Uttarakhand


Famous for many skeletons and dead bodies found here, Roopkund is a high altitude glacial lake in the Himalayas. Dating back to the ninth century AD, locals believe that these remains are of the King of Kanauj, Raja Jasdhaval, and his men who might have been killed on their way to the shrine of Nanda Devi. Discovered in 1942, skeletons belonging to over three hundred people have been found till today and most of these point to an Iraqi kinship unlike the claims made by the locals. When the snow melts, it exposes these skeletons and this occurrence has earned it the name ‘Skeleton Lake’.

Land of Snakes, Shetpal

We are sure that the headline must have given you jitters. We assure, we aren’t fans of these slithery creatures either! But there is a place in Maharashtra where even the kids play with serpents- Shetpal. In this village, snakes are revered and taken care of by the villagers. The snakes roam about freely in the village, just like ordinary citizens, and there has never been a reported case of a snakebite! All houses have a resting place for cobras, in their ceilings. This mysterious custom of the people here dates back to ages and they believe that snakes are their friends.

Makes for an intriguing read? We are sure that visiting these unusual places and experiencing the difference would be a great idea! This roller coaster ride in India is perhaps one of the most different and extraordinary trips one could take in one’s lifetime and all of these, one-of-a-kind places, are a wonder in themselves!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and have the time of your life!

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