Top 7 New Attractions of India

There are never enough places for a traveler to visit. No matter how many travel destinations a place offers, an explorer, in his or her heart, will always wish for more. Fulfilling this very wish of theirs, there are going to be several new and spectacular attractions in various parts of India. The soon-to-be-ready attractions listed here are much-anticipated and are expected to attract a huge number of tourists.

1. Eiffel Tower, Kolkata: Everyone who loves to travel dreams of being in Paris and admiring the Eiffel Tower. But, before that dream of yours comes true, why not take a trip to India’s very own replica of the Eiffel Tower to be built in Kolkata’s Eco Park? This tower is going to be a tribute to the people who have lost their lives in the ghastly Paris attacks. This replica is also a part of the “Seven Wonders of the World” project of the Government of West Bengal’s. This model of the Eiffel Tower will stand tall at 55 meters and be made out of 300 tonnes of steel. This much-awaited tower, which will be of steel grey color, will be a sight to behold.

eiffel-tower-kolkata2. Jatayu Nature Park, Kerala: The enormous popularity of the natural attractions of Kerala, also known as God’s own country, is not a hidden fact. Adding to the already long list of places that attract tourists to this sublime state is the Jatayu Nature Park. It is home to a gigantic carving of Jatayu (a mythical demi-god in Hindu mythology). Covering over 65 acres of land, this place will have a cable car, digital museum, an adventure zone, and many more recreational options. So, get that backpack of yours ready and be prepared to enjoy this unique nature park.

jatayu-nature-park-kerala3. Chenab Bride, Jammu and Kashmir: This magnificent rail bridge, over Chenab River, is still being constructed. This railway arch bridge is being built between Bakkal and Kauri (Places in Jammu and Kashmir). This is going to be the highest rail bridge in the world and is 1,315 meters in length. This is a technological wonder that would add to the splendor of the already beautiful state, and tempt you to make Jammu and Kashmir your next stop.

chennai-bridge4. Tallest Clock Tower, Mysore: Tourists now can add one more reason to visit Mysore other than the marvelous Mysore Palace and Mysore Zoo. Mysore will soon have the world’s tallest free-standing clock tower on its Infosys campus built by Infosys. This 135 meters tall tower is going to be one of a kind in the country and surpass other iconic towers across the world like Big Ben (London), Hoover Tower (California), etc. Being built with a cost of $8.83 million, the clock tower’s timepiece will be a digital one. I am sure you can’t wait for the grand tower to be completed and take a trip to admire it once it’s done.

clock-tower-mysore5. War Memorial, Delhi: The capital of India will soon boast of a National War Memorial and a War Museum to commemorate India’s Armed Forces and India’s war martyrs after India’s Independence. To be built near to India Gate, the War Memorial and War Museum will be linked by a subway. After it is built and made open to the public, anyone’s trip to the national capital would remain incomplete without a visit to these places.

war-memorial-delhi6. Highest Golf Course, Sikkim: For all you sports enthusiast out there, this is one place you should include in your bucket list. The Yak Golf Course, situated at Kupup (a place in East Sikkim) is considered to be the highest Golf course in the world by the esteemed Guinness Book of World Records. After winter sets in, especially from January to April, this Golf Course remains blanketed with snow, which makes it a perfect place for skiing and for playing ice-hockey. The rest of the year, golfers can play golf, at an altitude of 13,025 feet above sea level, on this golf course.

7. Statue of Unity, Gujarat: To honor one of India’s foremost Independence Movement leaders, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the State of Gujarat is constructing a majestic monument dedicated to him. Once completed, The Statue of Unity could be your very reason to land up in “The Jewel of Western India”, as Gujarat is often called. This statue is going to overlook the Narmada Dam and be of 597 feet in height. This is going to have the status of being the tallest statue in the world when it is ready.

The New Year is surely going to bring in new travel surprises for the wanderer in you. Make sure you are one of the first ones to witness these awe-inspiring attractions.

Author’s Bio: Rohit is an avid traveler and is always on the lookout for new and unexplored places to travel to. Both man-made marvels and natural wonders have a place in his heart and travel journals.

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